Company Profile

    Beijing yihongtai Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of switching power supply. The company was founded in 1999, and was certified by ISO-9001 in 2001.

    Yihongtai company's product line includes a switching power supply, AC/DC power module, DC/DC module, power supply, ringing converter power supply, power supply, military power, railway special power LED drive and customized power. Several product lines have been certified by UL, TUV, CB, and CE. We have more than 1000 standard models, which are widely used in communications, railways, industrial automation, LED, medical and office applications.

    The company has many advanced equipment and equipment, such as wave soldering, reflow soldering, placement machine, ATE, RoHs testing, EMC testing, environmental testing equipment, intelligent aging room, AOI and so on. Key components, we choose only international brands of products, to ensure quality, each product has 100% aging and testing.

    Overall quality assurance and customer satisfaction are our company's goals. Each product yihongtai have been design, design verification, component selection, trial production of small batches and batch run of all aspects of the process control. The company has office automation, all sales orders, purchasing, processing, planning, delivery, customer service and quality analysis can be run in this system, we can guarantee the better implementation of good quality and low price, fast delivery, service and timely service.

    Stable quality, competitive price and timely delivery so that we have been widely recognized by the market, the company has a number of technical personnel, with rich experience in the power of outstanding business management and marketing personnel, with strong technical strength, rich experience in the market, the establishment of a sound R & D and marketing system, establish in the field of competitive advantage, become one of the main domestic supplier of switching power supply.

  • Core Concept

    Pragmatic dedicated innovative cooperative

  • Company Philosophy

    Market first, customer oriented, quick response, high quality service
    People-oriented, respect for talent, use and common development
    Mutual respect and empathy, to reach a consensus on the matter
    To work, serious and responsible, proactive and hardworking
    Based on the fundamental and realistic, systematic thinking and risk prevention
    Strict implementation, attention to detail; strengthen feedback, timely rectification



Based on the power supply module, power supply equipment suppliers and business development has become a cross industry power supply service comprehensive, and become a leader in power industry. For employees to create space for development, enhance staff value, improve work quality of life, the development of employees into the development of enterprises.