50-75W Series

Special rail transit DC-DC converter, -40 working temperature of ~70 DEG C, wide input range, high voltage isolation, high power density, using the international standard package and pin, in accordance with relevant EN50155 design standards, are widely applied to various fields of vehicle automatic control of the weak.

SeriesPower(W)Vin(VDC)Vo(VDC)Input voltage rangetype of outputIsolation voltage(VAC)Size(mm)ApplicationPDF
REL50 Series 5024/1103.3-244:1Single1500Vac50.8*25.4*12.7Rail transit
RAH50 Series 5024/1103.3-244:1Single1500Vac61.0*57.9*12.7Rail transit
RAQ75 Series 7524/1103.3-244:1Single1500Vac60.6*39.01*12.7Rail transit
RAH75 Series 7524/1103.3-244:1Single1500Vac61.0*57.9*12.7Rail transit