75-100W Series

AC-DC special power converter, wide input range, high voltage isolation, high power density, can choose the standard board package or special custom shape, with the power industry related design standards, widely used in power distribution automation, instrumentation, power SVG equipment etc..

SeriesPower(W)Vin(VAC)Vo(VDC)Input voltage range(VAC)type of outputIsolation voltage(VAC)Size (mm)ApplicationPDF
EP75-D Series 7522012-4885-265Single3000Vac50.8*25.4*15.2Electricity
EP80 Series 80220585-265Single/Multiple3000Vac223.4*172.3*30.0Electricity
EP100 Series 1002205-2485-265Single/Multiple3000Vac223.4*172.3*30.0Electricity